Fleet Repair Service

At My Mobile Mechanic, our technicians offer all types of mobile repairs from medium to heavy duty trucks, semi trucks and trailers, diesel engine repair, fleet maintenance and repair, RV repair, and we also service heavy equipment. We have helped many of our customers get their trucks right back on the road. Broken air lines, air leaks, fuel related problems, brake problems, starting problems, door problems and much more. Sometimes our customers just want us to get them going so they can get it to their own shops.

Fleet Mechanic Is How I Got Started

I, Ed Berini, started out as a fleet mechanic for a large same day delivery company. I then became the fleet manager because I understood how important it was to get that customers freight moving. This is why I decided to start My Mobile Mechanic. Nobody likes to be stranded on the side of the road!

If we find it would not be cost effective to do the repair on the road, we are teamed up with a couple of large shops in the area, one being California Fleet Maintenance of Hayward California. We can help you set up towing. These are the people I would trust with my trucks, making this a win win call for you!