About Our Company

We are a small family owned business that cares about others. We found our niche by doing just this, helping people like you that are having mechanical problems. We are fast, friendly and truly care. You call us and we are extremely motivated to help you get that piece of equipment repaired as fast as possible!

On the left is mechanic Marlon, who is a rare type of mechanic. There is not much he can't fix. I was very lucky to have come across him. He constantly amazes me with the complete and clean work he achieves. He is definitely someone I would want working on my truck when faced with a break down. He has over 21 years of experience with fleet equipment service and repair. He also holds a Class A license.

On the right is mechanic Ruben, who came to us in September 2009 and has also amazed me. One customer stated, "I was in my truck and Ruben was working on putting in a new starter. Just about the time, I thought he was going out to get the new starter." He said, "Ok, lets see how she starts now." I, Ed Berini, have been doing this for such a long time that I have very high expectations of repair times. Ruben beats those times and gets it done right the first time. Ruben has over 15 years of experience and also holds a Class B license.

If you are down on the road, call us so we can get you up and running. We will do our very best to not let you down!

  Satisfaction is our top priority
  Professionalism is at the core of our business
  Quality counts, customer satisfaction guaranteed

Picture of Ed Berini-

Ed Berini-


My name is Ed Berini and I started this business in 2003 as the company I was working for eliminated my position. I enjoyed going out and helping people in their time of need, whether it was on the side of the road or stuck in a parking lot. In 2010, my little wife Carol came along and joined me in this endeavor. Since then, we have been building this business. I have been a mechanic for most of my life. She handles the office. I also work on electrical and hydraulics. I am a problem solver. All of this comes easy to me and I try to hire only employees that are honest, have the same ideals as we do, and care about our customers as much as we do. The thing that excites me the most about this business is "world domination"! I want to expand this business to the point where I can make sure my employees do well and that all of our customers are satisfied with our work. Our customers are what make our business!



Our Goals

We aim to continuously exceed the expectations of our client and offer the best possible mobile mechanic & fleet services around.


Building long-term customer relationships founded on high quality performance is the cornerstone of our business. Why should you settle for anything less?


Our technicians are fully trained and educated in providing a safe and friendly working environment.