My Mobile Mechanic – “Why Tow It When We Can Fix It?”

At My Mobile Mechanic Inc., we offer complete repair and maintenance services for light, medium, heavy duty trucks, trailers, diesel trucks and fleet repairs. We understand that your business relies on your trucks and are committed to getting your truck fixed quickly and efficiently. From business truck repair to fleet maintenance – our customers matter!

My Mobile Mechanic Inc. has been working full-time as a mobile mechanic in the San Leandro area since 2003. We are a BBB A+ accredited business

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and have diagnosed hundreds of vehicles in the field. We have performed every type of mobile truck repair possible from general maintenance to complete brake repair. We are dependable, honest mobile mechanics that use quality parts and guarantee all of our repairs.


Why Tow It, When We Can Fix It

Mobile Mechanic Service. We Come To You!


Our Promise and Values

Our mission is to help our customers when they are stranded and feel helpless. That’s when, hopefully, they will call us first so we can get out to their truck and know their problem is ours. It truly is that important to us to see that piece of equipment and that driver get back on the road. If the roles were reversed, we know how we would want to be treated. When you hire us, our mechanics are dedicated to you until the equipment is back on the road or until we come up with another plan of attack. Although, we cannot get every single truck back on the road, we try to help those with extreme problems at least knowing exactly what they are up against. This way they can make the best and most affordable decision.

-My Mobile Mechanic